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Poor service. Don’t accept it.


On a recent vacation with my family, I received a call from our “security service” provider. Unfortunately the call went to my voice mail since we were in an area that I didn’t hear it ring. We were at the “happiest place on earth”. Later that evening when I realized I had the voice mail, I heard, “Sir, this is your security provider & we’ve received an alarm from your home, the motion sensor has picked up movement. Would you like for us to send the police to check it out?” My first thought was, do you really need to ask?

Customer ServicesI attempted to call the company back with the number provided around 7:30pm only to reach a recording that they were closed and I would need to call during normal business hours. Are you kidding me? The “security provider was under the impression that crooks only worked from 8-5 during normal business. I continued to call every number I could find for this company to get a live body.

Finally I find someone four states away in a different group but with the same company, a Supervisor named Jay.  Jay followed what sounded to be the company script in how to resolve a customer issue. He determined, I as the customer, was wrong for calling after normal business hours. I, as the customer was wrong for not answering the initial call. When I tried to explain the situation and tell him I just wanted to talk to someone, to find out what they had done to follow-up on the status on my house. Jay proceeded to tell me that there was nothing he could do until the security provider’s call center opened the next morning. Here I was 900 miles from my home, my security provider’s call center had closed for the day and I couldn’t find anyone to help me find a solution. I was no longer at the “happiest place on earth”!

I finally called my local Sheriff’s office to see if they could help. That call was a completely different experience: polite, helpful, empathetic. Everything you would expect. The lady that helped me even gave me the number to the officer that was dispatched to our house, who I called to determine if the house had in fact been broken into. The officer told me the house was completely secure and what tripped the motion sensor was most likely a ceiling fan that we had forgotten to turn off. I was back to the “happiest place on earth” now.

We returned home a few days later, everything was just fine, but I did find a new security service provider. Not only did the company lose that business, they also lost other services that we had bundled with the security monitoring. Jay didn’t care, he didn’t provide any ideas to help me, he was simply going through the motions. Make sure that your sales operations staff is well trained, care about your customers, have the flexibility to do what is needed to take care the customer and finally THANK the customer for their business. You can’t afford the alternative.