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Pick the target: Pursue the goal!


Recently our son, a freshman in college came home for a long weekend to get some much needed rest and relaxation. It was great to see him as well as observe the emergence of a young man who is beginning to make decisions for himself. Although he’s still not 100% sure which major he wants to pursue, it’s in those twists and turns that he will find the path he wants to go down. There will be struggles; there will be mistakes, that’s just part of life. Consequently, it’s in those struggles that he will build character, acquire knowledge and learn adjustment techniques that can set him up for success in the future.

After six months of eating dorm food, attending class and studying all the time, we could tell he needed a good meal and to go have some fun. My wife and I decided to take him out for his  favorite Tex-Mex cuisine and an afternoon at a new place, called Top Golf, located in North Houston. Now out of full disclosure, no one in our family is much of a golfer; we all play occasionally, but not enough to be any good. If you haven’t been to a Top Golf facility….. it’s a multi-level electronic driving range. The golf balls have a computer chip in them that can not only detect how far you’ve hit the ball but also the accuracy of your shot towards a specific target. Golf Ball near hole

The older I get, I’ve come to realize that golf is a mental game as much as it is physical. Our son’s, objective was all about crushing the ball to see how far he could hit it. Accuracy…. no big deal!  He was hitting the ball 225-275 yards, but seldom hit the target to score the points. I did the same for the first couple shots just to see if I could keep up with him distance wise. I quickly discovered, that I couldn’t and wasn’t scoring any points either. It was time for adjustments. That being said, I began to aim for a specific target and took nice easy swings. My 100-175 yards didn’t seem like much, but the accuracy improved big time and so did my point accumulation.

Sales performance is no different. You can either swing for the long ball all the time hitting the target occasionally and seldom winning, or you can focus on your consistent skill sets by growing the business steadily and improving your winning percentage. Pick your target, pursue the goal, minimize the distractions, make adjustments and set yourself up to win. I definitely can’t “out- muscle” our son anymore, but I can still use the mistakes of my past to make adjustments and win. We had a blast that afternoon, good food, good fun and good life lessons. Are you looking for help with adjustments in your sales operations?

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