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It’s planning season, don’t forget the little things!


Don't Forget-stampGoals and initiatives change from year to year, but there are a few things that should be built into your sales organization and stand the test of time. Since 2014 has now entered the fourth quarter, sales leadership is likely diving deep into financial spreadsheets, sales reports, cost estimates and resource allocations models. They’re looking where changes can be made to propel your company past the competitors in the coming new year.

It’s great to have those big new goals and initiatives, it’s also important to have the big meeting to insure the entire team is on board. But don’t forget the little things that made you and your company successful. It’s usually the simple things that keep your team motivated and your customers coming back.

So don’t forget about the following:

1. Everyone is a potential customerCustomers can be internal or external. Either way, treat them with respect, listen to understand the issue, clearly explain how you will help them, then “do what you say you will do”. This is basic blocking and tackling.

2. Stand behind itWhether its products you sell or a service you provide, stand behind it. People make mistakes, products break, things happen, make sure your sales department has the authority and flexibility to right the wrong. All customers appreciate this.

3. Train/Develop/Encourage dailyMake sure all employees are equipped with the tools they need to exceed the customer expectations. We all have developmental areas, speak up when you see something that doesn’t make sense, thank and encourage people when you witness the positive behaviors. It really is about people, this should happen every day, not just at the beginning of the year.

A sales organizations goals and initiatives will likely change from year to year, but you should never forget to tend to the little things when building your sales organization’s culture. Those simple little things are really important and generally are what made you and the company successful. The little things will help you create “loyal customers” and “loyal employees”.

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