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Pick the target: Pursue the goal!

Recently our son, a freshman in college came home for a long weekend to get some much needed rest and relaxation. It was great to see him as well as observe the emergence of a young man who is beginning to make decisions for himself. Although he’s still not 100% sure which major he wants …


It’s planning season, don’t forget the little things!

Goals and initiatives change from year to year, but there are a few things that should be built into your sales organization and stand the test of time. Since 2014 has now entered the fourth quarter, sales leadership is likely diving deep into financial spreadsheets, sales reports, cost estimates and resource allocations models. They’re looking …


Does your company attract or repel sales talent?

I’ve had multiple conversations recently with people from different organizations about the challenges they are facing in filling open sales positions. One company was facing a 10%-15% sales growth target, yet they have over 40 open positions. They were struggling to find the best people and they couldn’t close the deal to get them onboard. …


Accounts Receivable- Who’s responsible for it?

Over the years I have seen everything when it comes to accounts receivables and collecting past due invoices. I have worked for companies where it was the sole responsibility of an accounting resource in a corporate office hundreds of miles away. All the way to collections being the responsibility of the calling outside sales person …


Is perception really reality?

In my 30 years of sales and sales management there is one thing that I have consistently seen regardless of the industry.  There is not a good understanding of the roles between inside and outside sales teams. I have managed both inside and outside teams, that ranged from one company where the inside team took …


Trust, how do you build that into your operations?

I recently met with the President/CEO and a Director of a local non-profit organization in my community. This organization has been in existence for approximately 40 years and makes a huge impact in the the community. They offer a variety of services such as, programs for kids, family services,  elderly care programs, healthcare services, workforce …


Succession Planning- A Built-in Bench

Those of you that have kids know quite well the stages you go through in raising them. Our oldest son graduated college last May, our second son is getting ready to graduate high school in a month and start college in the fall. Then finally our daughter is four years away from that transition in …