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Building a dream sales team

My appreciation for slowing down enough to read a good book and then reflect on the message has grown. I especially enjoy reading books on Leadership, Organizational Development and History. Over the years I have accumulated enough books to fill several shelves and now I’m starting to fill up the latest electronic devices like the …


Poor service. Don’t accept it.

On a recent vacation with my family, I received a call from our “security service” provider. Unfortunately the call went to my voice mail since we were in an area that I didn’t hear it ring. We were at the “happiest place on earth”. Later that evening when I realized I had the voice mail, …


A solid foundation and a plan are a must.

Building an effective sales organization is like building a house, you must have a solid foundation and a plan. A builder will plan with the homeowner for months before they move one shovel of dirt, cut one board or hammer a nail. Whether you are building your sales organization from scratch or you are implementing …